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Submission Check List

Cover Letter: Authors are requested to submit a cover letter regarding the manuscript.

Main Manuscript: Submit as a single file either in MS Word or PDF with all figures and tables inserted at appropriate places in the text

Supporting Information: All supporting data related to the manuscript must limit the file size to be not more than 10MB and the authors must include a short description of the supporting information files in the main manuscript.

Data for Review-only: Any other relevant information associated with manuscript must be submitted as ‘Review-only’ material (previous reports, permission letters, related data etc.).

Referees: Authors are requested to suggest at least three referees with their contact details (full name, e-mail address, organization and country), however, please note that it is not mandatory.

Article Processing Charges: Access individual journal links to know more about article processing charges.






Author Instructions


Manuscripts submitted to the journal should meet the publication criteria. Please ensure that manuscript is prepared according to the instructions for authors.

Authors are encouraged to submit the manuscripts using online submission system. For submission process, see Author Instructions of each journal.

Papers submitted to any journal in Aizeon Publishers must contain original information. The manuscript must neither be published nor submitted for publication elsewhere. Violation of these will normally result in rejection without further review.

Contributions should be written in English and the following manuscript types are considered.

  • Original research articles
  • Review articles
  • Short Communications


General Guidelines

Authors publishing in AIZEON Publishers should adhere to the journals policy and guidelines.

Reproduction of published material

Authors who wish to reproduce text, figures or tables that have already been published elsewhere, you must obtain permission from the copyright owner(s). A statement stating that such permission was obtained should be mentioned in the cover letter.

Please submit a copy of the permission letter or other evidence that such permission has been granted along with the Copyright Form after the manuscript has been accepted for publication.

Conflict of Interest

Authors should recognize and disclose any duality of interest that could bias their work, and acknowledge all financial support and any other help. All funding sources, agency and grant, must be given in the acknowledgements section.

Informed Consent

Manuscripts involving human subjects should state in the Methods section that informed consent was obtained from the patients and approval was obtained from the designated authorities of the institution involved.

General Guidelines

Never reference individual patients (eg, patient 1, 2, 3, etc., or 45-year-old man, etc.) in the text or tables.

For any mathematical values, a decimal should be followed by two digits. Mathematical expressions should be submitted as image inserted within the text.

Do not use acronyms and abbreviations within the text, except for units of measure.

Use generic names of drugs; the brand name may be included in parentheses at first mention.

Artwork is generally not enlarged, as the quality of the image may be compromised. If possible, figures should be submitted in the size at which they will be published.

Statistical evaluation of data is encouraged.

The presentation of the same results in multiple formats is to be discouraged. For example, results presented in a table should not be repeated verbatim in the body text of a manuscript.

While submitting a revised manuscript, contributors are requested to include a point to point response to reviewer's comments. In addition, if any changes are made to the manuscript, please mark the changes as underlined or differently colored text in the article.